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Kathleen A. Buchanan Citizens Against Government Abuse

It is common for bureaucrats to take advantage of, neglect and abuse the elderly but it doesn’t stop there.  The same treatment extends to family members who must struggle to overcome the belligerence that these government autocrats perpetrate.   YOUR TAXES PAY THEIR SALARIES.


Don’t give up.  Don’t let Clark County, its employees or agents beat you down.  Help yourself and others.  Contact us and make a difference.


Victims of Clark County NV Public Guardian

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City, State, USA

Opposing Parties Of :
~ Kathleen A. Buchanan
~ Rachael M. Burkhalter
~ Lee A. Drizin, Esq.
~ Clark County Nevada
~ State of Nevada (NRS’s)
~ et al

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Our anonymity is to prevent retaliation that would cause additional pain, suffering and financial loss to our loved ones.


Your anonymity will be honored if requested.

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